Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Recap

What a game, I must say I was close I had the Giants winning by 3 but they won by 4, even though each team scored about 13 fewer points. This was an interesting game, first off the Giants pass rush was okay but not nearly as good as I expected, and while the Giants run game didn’t seem impressive they quietly ran for a team total of 114 yard with Bradshaw and Jacobs both averaging over 4 yards a carry. Also Eli Manning played great completing 75 percent of his passes and throwing a TD and no picks while earning the MVP award.  The Patriots offense played pretty good as well with the only flaw being a few crucial dropped passes and an interception thrown by Brady, other then that Brady played good with a completion percent of 65 and 2 touchdowns.
Defense wins championships is a common saying that you may have heard a time or two. Yesterday that was the difference in the game, while the Giants got a few brakes with dropped passes they came through when needed with a safety early and a key interception in the second half. Whereas the Patriots defense kept the score well in range for them to win but they couldn’t come through when it mattered most giving away the biggest play of the game allowing Manningham to catch a 38 yard pass on the sideline on the game winning drive.
On to the offseason, I feel both of these teams will be contenders again next year. The Giants may have some struggles with the Eagles but they should still have no problem securing at least a wildcard next year. While the Patriots have good depth in most areas and have the cap room and draft picks to go after a skilled receiver, and some secondary help. I think the Patriots will have no problem securing at least a wildcard next year and will most likely win the AFC East again.