Sunday, January 15, 2012

Championship Games

Baltimore Vs New England 3:00ET
This is an interesting match up, most likely the Patriots will be favored at home to win this match-up. The key will be New Englands offence led by Tom Brady against the Ravens defense. Will Ed Reed and the Ravens be able to slow down the production New England has been getting from Tight-ends Gronkowski and Hernandez. Also will the Patriots be able to generate the pass rush that dominated the Broncos during the Divisional Round. My best guess is that this game will be close going into the forth quarter and whichever team makes the mistake late loses. The Ravens will run the ball well and squeak out a win.
Ravens 29 Patriots 27

New York Vs San Fransisco 6:30ET
This game should be an exciting one. The Giants managed to hold the Packers to 20 points during the Divisional Round so I imagine they should be able to be successful against the not as high flying offense of the 49ers. While the 49ers will hope to rest on there defense and turnovers which were a huge part in their win over the Saints this last weekend. While the 49ers beat the Giants 27-20 during the regular season I think that the Giants are playing at a much higher level now. I think both teams will play well and lean on the running game, but the difference in the game is Eli Manning over Alex Smith.
Giants 26 49ers 17

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