Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Super Bowl

A rematch of Super Bowl 42 played in February 2008, its even a rematch of a game this past November, The Giants Won those last two match ups both with game winning drives in the final minutes of regulation. This game should be similar and resemble the Patriots vs. Ravens match-up we just witnessed this past weekend. The Giants have a defense that is playing well, and will play the Patriots similar to the way Ravens played the Patriots, The Giants Secondary isn't as good as the Ravens but they make up for it with the better pass rush. While the Patriots while try and stop the Giants running game and make Eli Manning pass all day against them. Expect the Giants to try and stick to the run and rush for 150 yards or more, while Tom Brady will probably have a nice outing and pass for over 300 yards and have a few touchdown passes. I feel that this game will come down to the final minuets of the 4th quarter but the Giants won't make mistakes like the Ravens did and will come out on top.
New York 34 New England 31

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