Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Saints Vs. the NFC West

After a loss today against the 49ers there are a few things to review. First off we all saw Alex Smith pull of a few late game drives that none of us thought he had in him. Going into today the 49ers may have been favored but a lot of people thought the Saints would win. But when we look closer we see interesting facts. First of this year and last year the Saints were knocked out of the playoffs by the 49ers and Seahawks. Also the only other NFC West team the Saints played this year was the Saint Louis Rams who the Saints lost to 31-21. The Rams only won 2 games while the Saints only lost 3. People will argue that the Saints struggle on the road and playing on grass and outdoors.  

The Saints go into 2012 with a 3 game losing steak against NFC West opponents. The Saints will host the 49ers at home in 2012 so we can see if the trend continues for them against NFC West opponents.

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